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Shades:Crush Resistant JES Shade
Crush Resistant JES Shades

The ultimate in resilience! Retains
original shape even after a
crushing blow.
Designed to look like pleated fabric, the JES Shade is built with rugged Poly-Mold construction. It is nearly indestructible - meaning fewer costly shade replacements for you. Able to fit most table, floor and wall fixtures, these nearly indestructible shades put a stop to costly and continuous replacements. The JES Crush Resistant Shade also is:
  • Easy to clean
  • UV-resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Moisture-proof
  • Supported by a 10-year warranty
Extremely Rugged! Can withstand
over 250 lbs of use and abuse
Replace your old shades.
     # 10000 fits most bedside, table & floor lamps
        (7" x 15" x 11")
     # 10117 for wall lights and small table lamps
        (5" x 11" x 9")
     # 10118 ideal for larger table lamps and floor lamps
        (7" x 17" x 11")