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Lighting Fixtures:Options
Night Light
  • Model# 10094
  • Night Light
  • Available on all JES models
  • Controlled by 3-way ADA-approved rocker switch on lamp column near base
  • Switch controls both Night Light & main light
  • Includes a 7-watt bulb
Convenience Outlet
  • Model# 10058
  • Convenience Outlet
  • Available on all JES models
  • Located on back of lamp column near base. Ideal for laptops, clock radios & other accessories
  • Outlet is grounded & can be used w/ a 3-prong plug
  • UL rated for up to 7 amps
Bolt Down Table Lamp
  • Model# 10136
  • Bolt Down
  • Available on all JES table lamp models
  • Secures lamp to bedside cabinet or end tables
  • Requires ½ hole, adjustable in length
  • Installation instructions included
  • View Drawings
Saftey Cap and Bulb Cover
  • Model# 10011
  • Deters access & tampering of light bulbs
  • Ideal for Alzheimer's & Dementia residents or for unsecured areas
  • Safety-Cap Bulb Cover & Diffuser
  • Safety-Cap bulb cover not available on models T4000 & T4100
  • Diffuser (bottom half of bulb cover) available for these models
Hospital Grade Plug
  • Model# 10148
  • Hospital Grade Plug
  • Available on all JES models
  • Note : all JES models include, as standard, a grounded 3-prong plug on heavy-duty SJT power cord
  • All JES models UL listed
Floor Lamp with Tray Table
  • Model# 10105
  • Floor Lamp Tray Table
  • Available on all JES floor lamps
  • Approx. 22 from floor
  • 15 1/4" in dia., 3/4" thick with laminate top and matching PVC edge
  • Available in Maple or Walnut finishes
  • Custom finishes available