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As a specialist in lighting for multihousing facilities, our mission is to help provide a more homelike atmosphere for your residents without sacrificing the institutional durability you need. That's why JES fixtures are ideal for:

  • Long Term Care
  • Hospitals
  • University Residence Halls & Apartments
  • Military Housing & Lodging
  • Veterans Administration
Finding the right light, one that combines both form and function for these facilities, can be a challenge. And that's the challenge we're meeting at JES Lighting. Please see our list of customers across the United States and abroad.

Some examples of our niche in supplying long-lasting, trouble-free lighting include the JES Crush-Resistant shade and our 10 Year Warranty, best in the industry. These along with many other unique features help eliminate costly shade replacements, hard to reach switches, frequent tip-overs and constant repairs & replacements. Meeting the needs of your residents, staff, housekeeping AND your budget is our promise. And we guarantee it - for 10 years! Please see the Lighting Fixtures section for lamp models and custom options.

In addition, we can help compliment existing or new interiors with designer finishes and custom colors. In addition, we can supply the shade of your choice. It's that easy to get the fixture that's "just right" for you. See the Color & Finish section for more detail.

So, please contact us with any questions or requests you may have so that we can be as responsive as possible to your lighting needs. We look forward to working with you in 2010!